Ch. Tyme’s Sea Stallion x Nova’s Shortcut
Whelped:  1/17/96
Died:  2/15/06
vWD Status:  Clear, per VetGen test #3000

Loki was Charlin's first Manchester Terrier; acquired in June of 1996.  With very little formal training, Loki proved himself a natural showman right from the get-go by winning 10 of his championship points, including both his majors, from the Puppy and 12-18 Month Dog classes.  He won several Best of Variety awards over specials along the way to his title as well.

Loki was a wonderful example of the button-eared style of Manchester Terrier, his ears folding over in the correct place and each pointing to the eye as required in the Standard of Perfection.  He was an extremely well-made dog structurally, and his sweeping side gait contributed greatly to his appeal during his show career.  His temperament was flawless – cheerful and eager to please with people, and non-aggressive with other dogs.

Unfortunately, due to the residual effects of a progressive neuromuscular disorder of unknown origin, which proved to be heritable, Loki was neutered after producing only one litter.  Nevertheless, he held an honored place in the Charlin household for 10 years as the man of the house’s special pet.


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